Friday, January 9, 2015

Super Smiley, the KINDNESS, Radio & Blog Dog, Announces 2 "Dog Writers of America Awards" Nominations! with Megan Blake The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

Woof and Super Smiles!
I'm Super Smiley, and my person, Megan Blake, and I host "A Super Smiley Adventure" on Pet Life Radio!  She does the talkin' but I give the inspirations and make sure what she says is the way we dog's see it!  But before she does a show, we write out a script to make sure we cover all the way cool things about our Pawsome guests.  And guess what!  Megan was Nominated for a Dog Writers of America Award!

The Dog Writers of America is a wonderful organization that highlights authors, bloggers, columnists and all sorts of writers who help educate people about dogs.  We dogs appreciate that!  Thank you Dog Writers of America!

And thank you for Nominating my person, Megan.  It is a great honor to us and to the Pet Life Radio Network!  And thank you for Nominating our really good friend Lou Spirito!  He lives near us with his dog, Tanner, who also is the inspiration for his book, Gimme Shelter!

We dogs may seem to just sit there and look at you, but if you know how to listen, we have a lot to say!  Just ask Megan and Lou!

Thank you again to the Dog Writers of America Association!  Here's a picture we took of Tanner and me celebrating.  Angel is just there to be the pretty face amongst us boys.

Until next time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley

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