Sunday, January 11, 2015

Super Smiley, the KINDNESS, Radio and Blog Dog connects with The Golden Globes! Check it!... with Megan Blake The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

Woof and Super Smiles!  Super Smiley here with my person, Megan Blake, The Pet LIfestyle Coach®!

We are watchin the Golden Globes tonight, because we are pulling for our friends at Disney with Big Hero 6!  Woof!  That was a great movie, but we are especially lovin them because Disney's Pawsome Academy Award Winning Producer, Kristina Reed, and the great Director, Patrick Osborne, created a film about a rescued pup, and it plays before Big Hero 6!  4 Paws Up!  It's called "Feast," and we want them to Win for the Rescues tonight!  And you can listen to them on my way cool radio show, A Super Smiley Adventure on Pet Life Radio.  My person, Megan Blake, hosts it with me!  The Feast radio show link is at where you can hear Kristina and Patrick talk about Rescues!!!!!
Until Next Time, Woof and Super Smiles from me and Megan

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