Saturday, January 24, 2015

Body Language of Betty White with Super Smiley the KINDNESS Radio Blog Dog & Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

Super Smiley here, the KINDNESS Radio Blog Dog, with more observations.
I Loved bringing you My Hug Reviews from The #World Dog Awards, so I thought it would be Super Pawsome to comment on something you humans talk about All The Time regarding us dogs...
Body Language Reviews!
You are always taking about our bodies.  Are we relaxed, are our ears up, is our tail tucked, is our head down, are our eyes bulging like whales... !!!!

Well I'm turnin' the tables!  I'm going to review some people body language!  And I'm startin' with the Royalty!
with....  drum roll....  da da da daaaa...   Betty White!

First of all We All Love Betty White.  She is the Queen of...  What ever she wants to be.  We love her!  And I got to meet her!  Right up close.  And when you meet someone in real life - person to dog - you really never know what to expect.  Will they be like you thought?  Are they like they are on TV?  Will they even give you the time of day?

Well let me tell you.  Betty White is a pro, she always knows her lines, she hits her marks and is lovely looking at the camera.  I aspire to be just like her.  I want to do my job, hit my marks and be handsome with focused eye contact for the cameras!  Well, when I met her, I was mesmerized.  The cameras went away, Megan went away, the world went away...  All I saw was Betty White.
And she looked at me!  She leaned in with a sweet soft face.  Her voice was relaxed and sweet with a higher lilt.  She smelled so good.
It was like I was the only dog in the world.  I loved her.

Betty White is my human hero!  Thank you for being a wonderful example to all humans of loving and caringness.  She changes the world just by being in it.

Dogs reading this know what I mean, and for humans reading this, I give The Betty White Body Language - 4 Paws Up!  Thank you Miss Betty...

And speaking of Changing the World one person and one dog at a time,  Today is Change a Pet's Life Day!  Read about how you can Change a Life and Change a Universe in my Pet Health Central blog at Change A Pet's Life Day!

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®


  1. Super Smiley, you never cease to amaze me, and I agree, Betty White is Royalty and I Love her too!!!!

  2. i really love all these stuff. simply awesome Lost and found

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