Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Celebrity Hugs from The #WorldDogAwards on National Hug Day, with Super Smiley the KINDNESS Radio Blog Dog and Megan Blake, The Pet LIfestyle Coach®

Super Smiley here on National Hug Day!  I think Hug Day is meant for Humans to slow down and appreciate each other, But..
We dogs need in on this because we are the Master of Hugs!

And I was just at the Main Event!  The #WorldDogAwards where the Stars were there to shine their light on the Dogs!
                  And there was some Huggin' goin on! 

Elaine Hendrix, the beeeeeautiful actress in Sex & Drugs & Rock N Roll, is definitely huggin her sweeet Ellie.  Her right hand is around her soo gently, so I call this The Sweet Hug and Ellie is lookin very relaxed and happy.  She's a lucky girl.

Hank is being hugged by his people like We Love You Soooo Much and You Just Won the Top Dog at The World Dog Awards Hug!
But Hank really won the best prize of all, his new Forever Family.

The Property Brothers, Drew and Johathan Scott have two dogs and they said dogs are family!  Pawsome!  They are doing the Hug N Cradle which keeps their dogs right up close with a birds eye view.  Good form!

Lance Bass from N'Sync is demonstrating the Hug N Scratch which Lilly prefers.  This gives a relaxed feel and the humans do look quite chill.

The Star Dog who plays Sandy in the hit film Annie is being hugged with the Paws on the Ground Secure Hold N Hug.  This lets her look around while she knows she is completely safe.  Her trainer there, Bill Berloni, exudes confidence, and she looks like a beautiful actress dog who has all of her needs taken care of.

OK Megan is up next with....

Wait!  That's not a hug!

That's a Big ol' Kiss from the Best Actor in a Commercial, Cooper.  He is handsome, talented and a lover!

Next up is the lady of all ladies, Lassie.
But when you need her,
She can Save The Day!  That's not a hug, but when you are Royalty, it's proper etiquette to just Extend Your Paw.

This is The Sofa Cuddle Hug demonstrated by Mick from Disney's Dog With a Blog.   Its relaxed and casual.  Perfect!

Now it's my turn to show you the Super Smiley Hug.  I think hugs should be given to share Kindness and a Super Smile.  What ya think?

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and
Megan Blake,
The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

P.S. Check out my Kindness Film Short with the Salesian Boys and Girls Club where I Share Kindness, Super Smiles and lots of Hugs!


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