Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Hero Dog Awards Tribute to Human Hero Farrah Fawcett: by Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach

The Hero Dog Awards Tonight on Hallmark Channel!   All to shine the spotlight on the profoundly deep bond we humans share with our K9 heroes.  A rescued Pit Bull, Elle, wins the top dog spot.  Many of the nominees are rescues and went on to save their people on many levels.  And, our rescued friend, Super Smiley is the National Spokes-Dog!  

Smiley and I had the honor to present The Inspiration Award on stage with Victoria Stilwell - but not to a hero dog, but to a hero human, a dog-lover who made her mark on the world.  Farrah Fawcett.  Here's what Smiley and I shared about this beautiful soul who's now at "Rainbow Bridge."  Her soul mate, Ryan O'Neal, and the light of their lives, their son, Redmond, accepted for Farrah.  Tune in tonight at 8 PM Hallmark Channel to see the entire Hero Dog Awards, but first, hug that furry hero looking up at you now. 

On Farrah and Ryan:
Upon first meeting Farrah, I was struck by her gracefulness and sweetness of spirit…  And by “That Light” she just seemed to emit.  Publicly sharing her cancer battle and fighting it as she did revealed her as a Hero shining another type of light, that of Hope.  Ryan O’Neal too emits “That Light” and also houses a gentleness fit for a Hero’s heart. Seeing Ryan and Farrah together, it was apparent these spirits had to find one another.
Farrah’s passion and compassion for life struck me personally when my two dogs of 15 years both passed from cancer within 3 days.  On my voice mail, the first call was from Farrah.  Her empathy witnessed to the profoundly deep bond she had with animals.  She just “knew.”
After her passing, Ryan, at dinner with Super Smiley and me, would pat Smiley and ask, “Where did he come from?”  I shared how Smiley had been “thrown away” two times.  He was a rescue.  With all of his resources, Ryan could have any pedigree with the best training flown in from anywhere in the world.  But Smiley with his soulful, perfectly “eye lined” eyes and super smile had made his point.  Ryan decided not only to adopt a shelter dog, but to do it publicly on his reality television show to advocate for pet adoption.
Ryan and Farrah are inspired lovers of life and animals.  Smiley and I are so proud to know them and Redmond, and to have been a part of bringing these Heroes to the American Humane Association and to The Hero Dog Awards.  May we all see Inspiration in our dogs and in such fellow humans.
From the heart,

Megan Blake and Super Smiley, National Spokes-Dog for the American Humane Association Hero Dog Awards

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