Wednesday, December 2, 2015

It's #NationalMuttDay by #SuperSmiley, Pet Life Radio Blog Dog & Megan Blake

Mutts have been among us, protecting people, making them laugh, and giving love for a long long time.   
Old Yeller from the classic film “Old Yeller” was a mutt!     

The original Benji from the movie “Benji” was a mutt!  
War Dogs, Therapy Dogs are mutts, and I'm a Mutt!
My Top 5 Reasons to Adopt a Mutt!

1.    We are the Best!  All our genes mixed from all those breeds give us the coolest qualities ever!

2.    We are fantastic working dogs and contribute to the welfare and care of people all over the world.   
    We are military dogs, service dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs and movie stars!

3.    We are unique!  How many dogs just like us are there in the world?  Only one!  We’re one of a kind!  Cause we’re mutts!

4.    We soooo appreciate being adopted, and we will never forget it, and will love you forever!

5.    We’re hardy and healthy and super smart, because we’re a mix of all those great dogs with all those super qualities.

... Super Smiley, You are my Mutt!  It's Smiley's person, Megan, here now on how you can celebrate National Mutt Day! 

1. Adopt a Mutt!

2. Strut your Mutt!  When someone asks you what kind of dog you have, instead of saying his designer mix label, proudly say, "He's a rescued Mutt!"

3. Volunteer at your local shelter and encourage your friends to adopt.

4. Donate to your local shelter.  Ask if they need blankets, bowls, food or any items you may already have.

5.  Watch and share Super Smiley's Award Winning Film Short, "Super Smiley Flash Mob - A Dogumentary," that shouts it out for Mutts:
        The Coolest Thing You Can Do
        Is Get a Thrown Away Dog
        Mutts Rock!  It's True! 

Now go Celebrate Your Mutt!
& see our Mutt blog for Sergeant's Pet Health Central
& Our Pet Life Radio Show, A Super Smiley Adventure, 
     with Mega Pet Lovin' Stars and Great Pet Tips

Until Next Time,
Woof and Super Smiles from
Super Smiley and Megan Blake, The Pet Lifestyle Coach®

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